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Saturday, April 12, 2008

CIL Presentation Slides posted

I'm still catching up from the conference- what a great week! I finally met some online friends like Steve, Michael, Jenny and Helene. And got the chance to catch up with folks I hadn't seen since last year and even made some new friends. The presentation went okay. I tried to update it last minute and well, you know what they say about that... I had played around with the red, white and black look but it didn't show up too well on the screens. Here's the link.

I'm creating a new presentation discussing the steps libraries need to take to get to a place where web 2.0 works for them and creates LESS work. I think it will really help many of you who are struggling with you own time restraints and trying to figure out what they can do. BTW- The rest of the Flickr pictures are posted as well.


Anonymous said...

hey nancy --
the link to the "rest of your flickr pics" doesn't take me there...

Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks-all fixed.