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Friday, March 23, 2007

My five non-library must reads

Wonder why I have Bowie singing here? Well Janie Hermann from the Library Garden and Michael Casey from Library Crunch have tagged me for a really neat Meme that asks us to post five non-library blogs that we read and the first blog I'm listing is called Endless Innovation. Plus who wouldn't want to listen to Bowie as they read this post? The blog is just what it would seem to be from the sound of the title and a great place to get a head's up about what is coming up the pike like Coors new marketing campaign that will brand the time of day. Yes, really! Why didn't we think of that one for libraries??? Maybe not too late..

Tom Peters
is another of my favs... I like this one because it is has a journal feel about it- very spontaneous and sometimes very insightful into the thinking of Mr. Peters and others. This is one of the best examples of how blogs can remain a blog but integrate into selling other products and creating followings... well what else would you expect from the Guru of Excellence?

TED blog
This is by far my favorite blog in the whole wide world and TED is well probably the neatest organization (outside of libraries) that exists today. My dram is to someday attend their conference- it's a big dream but maybe someday....

Seth Godin's Blog
Seth writes a good blog and helps me keep my mind thinking about marketing ideas from the corporate world.

The Long Tail Chris Anderson, now also the"Geek Dad" is a must read- he's out there in the world when we are not and like Peters will share tidbits of thought or knowledge that might just tip something off in your creative mind to create the next big idea for libraries...

and I tag Pete Bromberg (Library Garden) ; Phyllis from Something New Everyday; Michel-Adrien Sheppard (Library Boy); Jill Stover - the marketing maven herself of Thinking Outside the Book and Mark Leggott of Slow Library