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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Five Things you probably don't know about me

Thanks Pete Bromberg for tagging me. This looked like so much fun when everyone else was writing but now trying to think of five interesting things is really hard… :-)
  1. I was second runner-up for “Best Legs” in eighth grade.
  2. When I was a beat reporter, one of my favorite assignments took me up in a blimp where we rode along the Jersey shore… way cool!
  3. I ran for mayor and lost by a little over 100 votes. The fun part was that I was running against a long established and very well funded candidate. The secret to my success? I made homemade cookies and put them out where I was speaking… people were attracted and once they began to munch, I began to talk… I had good ideas but the cookies- they were really great!
  4. A poetry anthology that my friend and I published was bought by a University in Israel to be distributed to doctors so that they could get in touch with the feelings of their patient’s families- talk about “Poetry Power”!
  5. My favorite scents- bread baking in the oven, summer days after a rain, salt air, and pine forests

And now I tag Jill Stover, Judy Macaluso, Liz Burns, Sophie Brookover and Norma Blake.

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Liz B said...


It's hard thinking of five things; in real life, I usually mention my Buffy obsession or that I like TV, but readers of my blog already know that.

Jill said...

Thanks for the tag, Nancy! I totally would have voted for you for mayor! ;-)

Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks :-)