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Monday, August 21, 2017

Media Literacy Initiative! Apply by 9-11-17

Have you been watching the buzz around "Media Literacy" and "News Literacy"? 

People who really understand information are trying to help people who don't, so they can determine what news & info is real and what is fake. Librarians have been trying to help since the term "fake news" became a thing. Here are just a few examples of how some info professionals have taken action:
Are you wondering how your library can join them? How can you set up a trustworthy curriculum to teach your patrons how to sort fact from fiction? 

Great news! ALA has partnered with the Center for News Literacy on a major new initiative: Media Literacy @ Your Library.
This project addresses a critical need in the field and the diverse communities libraries serve for adult media literacy training, with a focus on news literacy. The goal of the prototype project is to develop media literacy training and complementary resources designed to prepare public library professionals to educate their adult patrons to be informed consumers of media.
To apply to become part of the first beta-type-group that will undergo this 6-month professional training, send your application by September 11, 2017. All the details are at that link. 

Even if you don't want to be part of the pilot project, follow this initiative so you're in-the-know when the course gets a wider release. This is a vital task for libraries of all types, one which can help prove your value to stakeholders. 

So I urge you to be responsible. I challenge you to be brave. I implore you to dig into this problem and get your hands dirty. Guide your communities back toward reality. Because as politicians and stakeholders are seriously doubting the usefulness of libraries in the internet age, they’re tempted to cut your budgets. It’s vital to prove your continued value, and this is a timely, powerful way to do it. It’s one thing to repeat the old trope, “People need libraries now more than ever,” and it’s another thing to get out there and prove it.

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