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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Top-Notch Marketing Info, Now on Sale!

Do you like saving money?

Do you need proven ideas to help with your library's marketing?

Well then, I've got great news for you!

There's a newsletter called Marketing Library Services, which has been published for 28 years. Every issue is packed with professional-grade info and ideas. And it's on sale now, for some of the best prices ever offered. 
  • The normal print price for MLS newsletter is $99.95 for 1 year (6 issues).
  • A new digital subscription is on sale for just $74.95 for 1 year. **25% off** (That price is good through Dec. 31, 2014.)
  • There's also a new personal subscription rate. US residents who want print issues sent to their home addresses can now subscribe for just $69.95 for 1 year. **30% off**(No time limit on this new option)

So now you can subscribe to Marketing Library Services in the format you want, at a price you can afford. The publisher and I have heard your requests for an online subscription option, and for lower prices, and we've taken them seriously. Now we're giving you what many of you have asked for.

We want you to succeed, to promote your libraries effectively, to make sure they'll stay funded and thrive. So take advantage of these offers; go to the order page right now and make your choice.

Why subscribe to MLS?

1. MLS delivers best practices for powerful, effective marketing communication. It's the only periodical of its kind.

2. If your institution won't subscribe to MLS, you can use the low personal rate to get it for yourself. It's an investment in your career.

3. If you live outside the US (as many M Word readers do), and you didn't want to pay the higher mailing fees and wait longer for print issues to arrive in the post—then the digital subscription is for you. Get new issues of MLS as soon as they come out, for much less than you'd pay for print delivery.

4. Here are 20 more reasons to subscribe to MLS!

Sept/Oct issue cover
This whole issue is free to read online!

See for yourself how worthwhile MLS is. The publisher has posted one complete issue, full-text, so everyone can read and evaluate it. This September / October 2014 issue covers change management, election strategies, buying ads, planning a promotional campaign, and more.  

MLS shares today's best practices in library marketing from around the world, including everything from major campaigns to free promotions. It can teach you how to help your library make better connections with patrons, partners, funders, and stakeholders. Take a look and order now to start your subscription with the January / February 2015 issue. 

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