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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Petition to Support School Librarians in NYC

There's a petition on now, urging the school administrators in New York City to do their duty by keeping K-12 librarians on the job. I signed it. If you want to join me, here are the details:

Subject: Librarians Belong In NYC Schools

School Librarians are essential to education. We the undersigned feel that the NYC DOE (New York City Schools), should NOT be granted an exemption to state law which requires school librarians and which they have been in gross violation of for some time. School librarians have been shown to improve student performance in numerous studies and New York City public school students have a right to this important educational resource.

You don't have to live in New York to sign, so click on over

The best studies I know of on school librarian impact are at  and  Do you have other sources to share -- from any country or state? 

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