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Monday, June 24, 2013

READometer - Know How Much You Read

Look what King County Library System just launched!  Marsh Iverson, KCLS’ Public Relations Specialist, says any library can use the app (though it does carry the KCLS logo).

"Reading counts, so count your reading with the KCLS READometer App. Ever wonder how much you read? Now you can keep track with the free KCLS READometer. Just click when you start reading, and click again when you stop. With this simple, FREE App, you can record reading time for up to 50 readers: your kids, your class, your cousins, neighbors, block, book group, or study partners. The READometer makes it easy to track active reading time by the day, week, and month, up to two years! The App also allows KCLS to get a general idea of how many reading minutes are logged by all App users, without collecting any information on individual users or devices. Don’t have reading matter handy? Use the READometer to find the nearest KCLS library or Quick Reads shelves to feed your reading habit."

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