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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is it a library or a music studio? Both!

There are always two parts to every service libraries offer. One is the service and the other is how you communicate that service. 

Roy Conley from Skokie Public Library just aced both!

They are offering Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro headphones for people to use in their digital media lab. Read the description-  it speaks to the audience they trying to reach and lets the reader know the library knows its stuff too. Something for everyone to remember, no matter the audience. 

Here's the copy I was so excited about:

"When you are producing music or mixing down a track, having both opened back and closed headphones can be beneficial for an A-B mix down. Your music could sound amazing in closed back headphones because that’s what you were using to create that perfect mix. But what if the record exec you handed your demo to has opened back headphones? All the bass heavy sounds will lose that punchiness that you’ve added. In most studios you will see more than one pair of speakers for that reason. You have to find that compromise between the two.
 In the Digital Media Lab at the Skokie Public Library, you can now have the best of both worlds! No longer do you have to listen to your newly production musical masterpieces at low volume in the DML.  We’ve stepped into the circumaural headphone arena!
Now available for use in the DML…. Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro headphones. These headphones are a great addition to the DML. As you know, the iMac computers have pretty good sound coming out of them. However, after you’ve listened to your music through the Custom One Pro headphones, you will hear sounds you’ve never heard before. And that’s not because these headphones are magical. It’s because some speakers just can’t reproduce the full spectrum of sound. That’s ok though, as I’m sure that wasn’t Apple’s intent when they designed the iMac."

Have you seen some exciting copy lately promoting library services or programs? We'd love to see it!

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