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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Storm-Shelter Library Gets Publicity on Boing Boing

I was going to tell you all about the Little Free Library I threw together for the Red Cross storm shelter I was working in during Hurricane Sandy, but my co-blogger Nancy already mentioned it in her great post about how the storm impacted our home state of New Jersey. Still, I thought I'd share the photo here. 

I'm also proud to point out how I ended up using this random act of kindness to get good publicity for libraries. I shared this picture on a Facebook group called ALA Think Tank, where the motto is "make it happen" (#MIH). The folks in that group are all about progressive librarianship and not settling for the status quo. They encouraged me to submit a story about my storm-shelter library to the hip, popular site Boing Boing, (edited by the likes of Cory Doctorow), and helped me do it. ALA has a group dedicated to getting library stories onto this blog to help make the world aware of our greatness. 

Indeed, my story got posted and has gotten over 450 likes & shares. (Can you help get it up to 500?) Library Boing Boing is always looking for more stories about good works. Jenny Levine tells you how to do it here.  So come on, use ready-made avenues like this to tell the world that libraries are useful and innovative! I didn't think that taking a box of books along to a shelter was a big deal, but look what happened just b/c I shared that little action. You can do it too! 

And when you get the write-up for your great work, if it's published outside of library literature, don't forget to submit it to The Great Librarian Write-Out to win $$$!! 

1 comment:

Elizabeth Neill said...

Kathy - it was so nice of you to volunteer and was so smart of you to think about the role books could have in a crisis. Thank you.