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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Advocacy Efforts in California School Libraries

I attended a session on this topic at the Internet Librarian 2011 conference earlier this week. For the full info, see a post I wrote on Info Today's LibConf blog at

It's hard to accept that something as important as school libraries need to fight for funding and to prove their value, but they do. The Calif School Library Assn is running a campaign that's starting to get some traction. Maybe it will give you ideas to get started in your area.


Micah said...

This is not so much a comment on this particular blog post as a question about the marketing of libraries. I know that there is a lot of talk of the threat that digital services like Amazon bring to the library industry in general. But one thing Amazon and online libraries in general cannot do is replicate the feel and aesthetics of a library (especially some of the big ones: ). I’m curious if there has been any push or attempt to market these aspects of libraries say in the tourist industry, in the same way that hard core baseball fans will visit all the great ballparks and general tourists love to visit cathedrals for the architecture.

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Great question, Micah! There have been none that I know of...

However, there was a perfume created a few years back called "In the Library" ( that tried to replicate the scent. (I smelled it; didn't work for me!)

There is also a library in Amsterdam's airport, but it was built by a library organization along with partners, and does not attempt to feel at all like a classic library. ( Yet, it's in the "tourism" field you mention...

If you find any examples, let us know!