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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's this 'Geek the Library' Thing About?

U.S. readers: Have you been hearing about something called "Geek the Library" and wondering what the deal is? I've seen two presentations on it & I'm convinced that it's a worthwhile campaign. 

Briefly: It's a nationwide library promo campaign that's been professionally put together. It comes in a ready-made package, is proven to work, and all it costs you is time & effort to implement it in your community. 

Here's info straight from the source about the simple steps to get started:

·          What is Geek the Library? A community awareness campaign designed to encourage a community-wide conversation about the value of public libraries and PL funding—and it really works! Public libraries from around the country have used this fun and effective campaign. You can, too. It’s free!

·          How can I be part of it?  Just 3 simple steps:
1. Get informed. Visit to find out how Geek the Library can help you engage YOUR community.
2. Get moving. Fill out a short online form with basic information about your library, and a Geek the Library representative will call you to talk things over. (no pressure!) After your initial discussion, you'll get a registration kit with samples of marketing materials and info to help you get support from your board or other stakeholders.
3. Get launched. When you have the green light, you simply need to sign the Geek the Library online participation agreement, then the Geek team sends you a launch kit with marketing materials, as well as access to hundreds of art files and guides to help you execute a successful campaign.

·          What will it do for me? It provides ready-made, road-tested ways to focus attention on your library, tell your story, and make personal connections with community members. Over time, this campaign can help significantly increase community awareness about the value of the library and how it's funded—leading to the support your library needs when it counts! Not convinced? Check out this top ten list!

·          Is there any support? 
      Here's the best part: The Geek team will support you from start to finish. They help strategize marketing efforts and overall direction, train staff for using an online Campaign Management Center, and spend time brainstorming ideas or talking over concerns. If necessary, someone might even spend time with you at your library!

      Want to know more?
·          Read about one library’s journey and find out what another library team    plans to do with their local campaign.
·          See what current participants are doing on Flickr.
·          Follow the national campaign on Facebook and Twitter.
·          Check out the national campaign’s consumer Web site.

I     This is a well-done promotion that really works, and it's ready and waiting for you, thanks to OCLC and the Gates Foundation. I urge you to look at the success that other PLs are having. You can join as a single library, as a system, region, or state.
      C'mon, get your Geek on!

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