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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Going On in The M Word World

Time flies when you're having fun. And when you're working a lot. If flies extra fast if you're doing both! We haven't posted in a while so I wanted to do a quick update. 

Nancy has just been in Ireland speaking at the Ennis Book Festival (see the link in her speaking list, left side of page). What a lucky lass! And that was shortly after she presented in Florida. I wonder how many frequent flyer miles she has now?  

Last week, I (Kathy) was in New York City consulting with a group from some very specialized German libraries, which was really interesting. I've also been working my talks for the Computers in Libraries conference in DC later this month. And, just as March is ending, I'll be headed for the Netherlands where I'll be presenting at a seminar on authors, publishers, printers, libraries, and books. 

We'll both be adding up more miles as the year rolls on, and we'd love to see our readers while we're out and about. You can always see lists of our upcoming events if you scroll down the left-hand side of the page.

Finally, I wanted to mention a new Facebook page that I've started for my marketing business, which is named Libraries Are Essential. Anyone interested in promoting libraries can follow me over at Five or six days a week, I post tips about marketing, links to articles or studies you can use, pictures, and good examples of library promotion. It's a great way for me to share things quickly when I don't have time to write a full blog post, and it's fun! Check it out, comment, interact with others, and let me know what you think of it all. I hope to see you there!


Alison Wallbutton said...

Hi Kathy - love your Facebook page! It's going to be a great way to help keep up to date :-)

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Thanks Alison! I'm enjoying sharing things there.