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Friday, February 18, 2011

Calling all "Do Gooders Videos" - $10,000 Award!

This looks like a neat contest...
See3, in partnership with YouTube, is excited to announce that this year’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards will be accepting entries starting today February 4th. We know nonprofits, we know video, and know that nonprofits made some amazing video in 2010. It’s time to let those videos shine and win some awards. So if you’re reading this and you made a video for your nonprofit in 2010, it’s time for you to enter.
And what do the winning nonprofits win you ask? This year, winners will again have the chance to win one of four $2500 grants generously provided by the Case Foundation, awesome video cameras from Flip Video, a free registration to next year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference provided by NTEN and more. For small nonprofits that have small funds in the video department, we have a new category for the best “thrifty” videos produced for under $500. And… wait for it: the winning videos will be announced at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference hosted by NTEN and featured on YouTube’s homepage in March. (The YouTube part is sort of like having your nonprofit video seen during the Super Bowl.)

For nonprofits, video is a great way to share your mission, messages and goals. The medium educates, makes others aware of issues, progress that’s being made, and the work that still needs to be done. The DoGooder Awards recognize nonprofits that see the importance in this in hopes that others with take the step and begin to use video in their programs.

We’re proud to say the number of organizations using video is growing and last year we had an impressive turnout with more than 750 entries, 17K votes by the public, and 150,000 views. But it’s a new year and our new resolution is to make sure as many amazing nonprofits are entering as possible. So here are some details to get you started:

Submissions for Best Small, Medium, and Large nonprofit organization videos must be a video that was made in 2010. Entries for the Best Thrifty Video category can be for videos made any time before the end of the submission period. Each nonprofit can submit as many videos as they would like, but, we encourage only the best work from each organization.

* Entries cannot exceed 10 minutes in length and are limited to nonprofits from the US, the UK, and Australia. See contest rules here.
* All nonprofits are welcome to enter their video. There are no specific categories or missions we are looking for.
* You can submit your videos from February 4, 2011 until March 2, 2011. Tell your friends to submit as well!
* Starting March 7th, voting is open to the public, so be sure to share the word (Email, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon).
* Your organization MUST be a member of the YouTube Nonprofit Program. If you’re not, make sure that’s the next thing you do after you read this post. If you’re picked as a semifinalist, we’ll make sure you’re a member by the time voting begins.

So start thinking about which creative, compelling and interesting video your nonprofit wants to submit, and rallying up your supporters to vote. (In case you’ve forgotten why, it’s something about getting your nonprofit video in front of millions on YouTube, grants and other great prizes.)

Good luck. We’ve got the popcorn ready and we can’t wait to watch your videos.

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