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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Map of UK Library Closures

For those who want to keep track of public library closures across the UK, here's an interactive Google Map.

There's a wealth of information here. If you click on any of the red pins, you'll get info about the library itself and sometimes links to articles or further info. 

I learned about this map from Voices for the Library, which describes itself this way: 
A group of dedicated librarians and information professionals have set up Voices for the Library, a campaigning website to share positive stories from public libraries and librarians, provide factual information about library usage in the UK and draw together the fragmented responses to the many attacks on UK public library services. 
This campaign is an opportunity for people to discuss why libraries and librarians are so important, and why it is vital that they are run well and serve their communities effectively.
You can also follow Voices for the Library on Facebook. It seems like a wonderful group, and even though UK culture is somewhat different from that in the US and elsewhere, I'm sure you'd find ideas that you could adapt for your own usage. 


Ian Anstice said...

I'm glad you like the map. It's a really depressing hobby I started a month or two ago. Details from it are taken from
which lists the (surprisingly large) amount of campaigning against the cuts in the UK.

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Thanks for checking in, Ian. We don't exactly "like" the map, since it's delivering bad news, but it certainly is useful, fascinating, and important.

Visuals like this are a wonderful way to make a point quickly and clearly. By showing it to others, you can easily say "Look at how many libraries are in trouble" and really have an impact.

So thank you for taking on this "hobby" -- even though it is depressing! You're performing a great service.