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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Does Your Elevator Pitch Have You Stuck?

How many of you have taken the time to learn an elevator speech and still aren't transforming your connections into a sales opportunity? I just saw a great called, Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch in 6 Easy Steps, by Geoffrey James. Before you read his post, take a look at some videos of the worst elevator speeches and see if you can't spot someone you've known.

To achieve this, the elevator pitch consists of four conversational elements, in this specific order:

  1. The lead-in. This is the set-up statement for the conversation. It’s intended to spark initial interest from the (potential) prospect. One sentence that tells a story about your customers- what they do and how you help them do it better.

  2. The differentiator. This identifies the you, your library or the library's offering as a unique resource that deserves immediate attention. It answer the question why you matter.

  3. The engagement question. This is an open-ended conversation starter that allows you to assess the listener's interest level.

  4. The call to action. This is the request for a meeting to discuss the matter further.

  5. Then rehearse until it's natural :-)

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