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Monday, July 26, 2010

More 'Libraries in Pop Culture' Evidence

Going back to last week's post (and the viral discussion) about the NPR blog post about libraries be poised to be the Next Big Thing in Pop Culture... here's more evidence! Libraries made the "culture" section of Newsweek's Index page!

If only I had read it a few days earlier, I'd have seen that in the July 19, 2010 issue,
Newsweek also gave libraries some love in The Index, the page where the editors rate various happenings and ideas on a scale from 0 ("Awful") to 100 ("Awesome"). This was the first time I saw libraries listed (unfortunately, next to Lindsay Lohan), and we got a 60 on the scale.

In case you can't see the text in the photo clearly, it says: "Libraries are moving into malls because that's where the people are. A bad sign for the state of reading. But hey, what's better than jeans and Jean Genet?"

Not the most amazing blurb ever -- and of course the photo is of books, not tech -- but I'll take it! I'm happy for the recognition of some of the smart things libraries are doing!

As far as moving into malls, we posted about that recently here. Shortly afterward, Gary Price told me that he'd been posting about libraries in malls over at Resource Shelf too. An especially interesting one is about a Health Library in a shopping center in Palo Alto, CA.

And if you're into Pop Culture, have you seen the book Pop Goes the Library??

Has anyone else seen any pop culture references recently?

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