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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting essential information beyond the library's walls

This fantastic post from Stephen Abram hits the mark with ideas to get ALA's information beyond the library walls.

"If you’re in a public library with a web presence (and who doesn’t have a website, Facebook fanpage, Twitter, etc.?!) then what can you do with this information? Here are some ideas:

1. Tweet soundbites from the report, Encourage RT’s.
2. Write editorials from the library (CEO, ED, Director, Board chair) using these statistics.
3. Feature the report on your news section of your website. Seek comments.
4. Add the link to your Facebook page. Feature it on your wall.
and on and on.
5. You could even make Moo cards or bookmarks with this or your own data.

Get the message out. It can’t be said often enough! Why not advocate for ourselves and the positive impact we have on our communities?"

I'd also suggest posting soundbites to your press pages for reporters to use, adding one at the end of your email posts, as the introduction for a talk, presentation, etc. If you are in an active stage of advocacy you could encourage folks to make lawn signs with some soundbites. I love lawn signs, even though they may be the poor man's billboard, I think they are even more effective than the big expensive ones! I'm sure you all could name quite a few more places too!

Thanks for a great post Stephen! -Nancy

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