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Friday, March 26, 2010

PLA President Feldman Makes TV Appearance

Sari Feldman, president of the Public Library Association, appeared on the KATU-2 television network during the PLA conference in Portland. It's a pretty good interview, under 6 minutes long and worth watching.

I thought she could've given a slightly better answer to the common question "Why do we still need libraries when we have computers?" but hey, I'm picky about that. (What answers do I recommend? You'll find them in my book and on my website.) I do give her extra points for managing not to slap the host when he shushed her. I found that action (which he did more than once!) pretty rude and uninformed. And of course it also helps that nasty stereotype live on... But it should be a lesson to librarians. Yes, people still relate that to us. Yes, they still think that way. And no, most people have no idea what sorts of items, events, and expertise are available at public libraries today. This means that WE ALL NEED TO DO MORE AND BETTER PROMOTION!

Feldman is doing her part to spread the word. Are you?

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