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Friday, November 20, 2009

Help for Academic Librarians in the latest issue of Marketing Library Services

If you're an academic librarian who's wondering how to get more students to use your references services, help is here. In the new issue (Nov/Dec) issue of Marketing Library Services newsletter, the free online article is called "Working With Campus Marketing Classes to Improve Reference Service Visibility."

It's a case study from Illinois Wesleyan University that explains how two librarians worked with a marketing professor. Together, they employeed kids in marketing classes to do surveys to get the student body's opinions of reference services and to ask how often they used them (or what they used instead). You'll want to read the interesting insights that the surveys revealed!


Unknown said...
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Suni J. Minorics said...

I actually included an article VERY similar to this one in my annotated bibliography of library marketing trend articles. I thought this was ingenuous. I'm glad you posted this...I hope more people see it.

I think the article was actually:

Duke, LM - Collaboration between Marketing Students and the Library An Experiential Learning Project to Promote Reference Services

It was published in College & Research Libraries. They look like the same article, but mine wasn't from their website; it was on JSTOR.