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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Handy Promo Tool: Coffe-Cup Sleeves

I just spotted this on the LJ Insider Blog, written by Norman Oder:

November 23, 2009: The Maine Library Association (MLA) came up with a nifty new way to promote libraries and the organization itself: coffee/hot drink sleeves with literary quotes (authors include Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, and George Eliot), the MLA's new logo, and the MLA URL.

"The project started with a new logo and is part of a way to promote a new web site that is currently being created," explained MLA president Sonja Plummer-Morgan. "Offering coffee sleeves to the business community gives us an opportunity to reach their customers, but also to open dialog about the value of economic and community development and the role that libraries play."

I like it! What a simple idea that reaches a wide audience.


Suni J. Minorics said...

Great strategy. "Partnering" with a larger company (in this case, the coffee-sleeve maker and the business that will use them) strengthens library promotion and visibility so much.

Any idea of the costs of such efforts? I love the "outside the box" thinking here and the fearless step in matching big-business style marketing.

~Kathy Dempsey said...

I'd call their thinking "outside the cup." :-)
Not sure about costs; they would vary of course w/ the quantity ordered and whether there was color printing. You'd have to contact the people in Maine to ask. You'd also have to have some numbers about the reach of this project to figure its Return on Investment. But it looks like a good bet to me!

Suni J. Minorics said...


Believe it or not, I love calculating those costs, especially when they turn out in your favor (well, obviously haha!). Thanks for responding!