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Monday, August 10, 2009

ProQuest Calls Kathy a 'True Marketing Hero'

Unbeknownst to me at the time, mega-vendor ProQuest praised me in a luncheon presentation that it hosted for its customers during ALA (July 13). The program, Marketing Your Library, had Maria Ziemer explaining the basic tenets of marketing, then giving tips on each and citing real-life examples of people and organizations that had done each step well. I am thrilled that ProQuest called me a “true marketing hero”! Ziemer said I was someone whose work listeners might want to follow, and she recommended my MLS newletter, my website, and my book to the crowd. Wow. I think I'm blushing over here...

With the company’s permission, you can download the PDF (I’m slides 21 & 22, in case you care). You can also watch a video of the event. Watching the whole talk is well worth your time, but if you just can’t wait to see the 2 minutes about me (haha!), it’s in Chapter 3, starting at 8:20.

I like how the video appears online--in small, easy-to-watch chapters, with the additional matter linked in so you can see that as well. This way you can fully understand the discussion.

This is a seriously good presentation about what the proper marketing steps are with good examples of how your peers have done them up right. Nice job, ProQuest! And thanks for recognizing my work.

Go to ProQuest's home page and check out the section called Marketing Your Library for toolkits for all types of libraries. This company cares about marketing!

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