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Friday, June 26, 2009

QR Tags

Helene Blowers shares  how they are using QR tags her blog post. Be blown away ....

"Concept leadership is one of areas that my department, Digital Services, tries to focus on. It’s important for us to continuously keep on top of new and emerging technologies and explore ways that the library and our customers can benefit from them. 

QR tags is a technology that has actually been around for a few years. But until the mass adoption of smartphones with cameras, there wasn’t a dominant market yet for their use. When we launched our mobile text-based catalog early this spring we began to think of ways that we could use technology to market it smartly. QR tags seemed like a natural choice, since they are specifically designed for mobile devices. While we’re still playing with this idea some and refining the concept, the idea of placing QR tags strategically within the stacks on informational signs does have a lot of merit for it not only introduces the public to a new technology, it also tells those who are already familiar with mobile QR tags that the library has a mobile catalog." Read full post at Library Bytes.

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