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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home from the Netherlands: Views of TU Delft Library

Home at last... where I have unlimited, free wireless access! I had trouble working with high-bandwidth things like photos while I was away, so I'm catching up now. I just added the photos I'd intended for my previous post. And I have lots more Flickring to do! But for now, I'll show off one more innovative library and promise more to come.

Here's a view of the new library at the Technical University of Delft. The UGame symposium took place on TU Delft's campus, but not in the library. However a few of us were treated to a quick tour between sessions. The library is partially underground -- rather, this grassy hill was built up around the cone-shaped building, the top of which you see here. This design helps with heating and cooling in the building, while giving students a great place to relax "on top of" the library! Just. too. cool.

The enclosed part of the cone that you see here are the top floors of the library, mostly study spaces at the moment.

The ground floors are much bigger, of course. Here's a view looking up into the open top of the cone, and the companion shot looking down from that top floor.

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