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Friday, January 23, 2009

Libraries Featured on NPR

Hi Everyone, I'm back! Did'ja miss me? (humor me here...)

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been busy writing a book. Now it's done, thank goodness! And yes, it's about marketing. But more on that as it gets closer to release...

For now I want to point out that libraries are being featured on National Public Radio (widely known as NPR) here in the US today. The piece is part of the Day to Day show. According to NPR's web site:

Librarians Become Job Counseleors
The downward economy is putting more stress on libraries. Popular movies and books now have wait-lists, the unemployed are in line for computers to work on resumes, and some librarians are even acting as unofficial job counselors. Madeleine Brand talks with Linda Yoder, director of the Nappanee Public Library in Indiana.

You can listen online after the original airing is posted; that's supposed to be around 3pm (EST) today. Please log in and comment to show your support for libraries that are helping those in need!


lamerlo said...

To answer your question, I know I missed you. I was afraid you had abandoned your blog, the topic of which I consider so crucial and so neglected. I'm excited about the book also. Do tell.

lamerlo said...

BTW - how do I submit one/some of my videos for your blog?