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Friday, November 07, 2008

Free Books

It feels funny to write that headline seeing how we are in the business of free books but this is a bit different- free ebooks by and for libraries.

The concept is brought to us by Techsoup (who are full of great ideas)- MaintainIT- a totally interactive site where librarians can share their knowledge with each other. The idea of free e-books (they call them cookbooks to keep with their food brand) written by librarians. Cool gathering place to share, discuss and learn. Wouldn't you like a place like that on your website?

Read it first from Stephen Abram's post at Stephen's Lighthouse...


Ms. OPL said...

Not to be picky, but I posted about this before Stephen and even I found out about it on another post (I forget whom...sorry).

Judith Siess
OPL Plus,

Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks for the heads up! BTW, love your post on the CIL article, In Failure Is Always an Option.

Anonymous said...
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