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Friday, October 31, 2008

Seeing Seth Godin!

As Nancy already mentioned, she brought Seth Godin to speak in northern New Jersey. What a treat!

His latest book is called Tribes.

When Seth was done, Nancy presented him with one of NJ's famous Super Librarian t-shirts. He seemed to really like it!

Everyone who attended got a free book, which he generously signed. Nice!

To see more pics, go to my flickr page and NJ Library Events' flickr page.
Some of my notes from his talk:
  • Tribes are made up of people who who share common language, goals, leaders, etc.
  • Three main tribes that most people belong to are their work, church, and community.
  • Old "interrupting" ads (ie, commercials) don't work anymore. Word of mouth thro natural networks is necessary today.
  • Tribes are bigger than WOM, tho: the connections are deeper.
  • Tribes can be small, tight groups (one sports team) or large, loose groups (Harley Davidson riders).
My favorite quote was, "If you care about what you're doing, you will cause it to spread." This is what librarians can and should do!

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