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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

IL2008 Frank Blair

Frank Blaire – Charlotte Mecklenburg

Why we do what we do
Largest provider of free internet service
Only publically owned service that anyone can walk in for service
Annual foot service exceeds symphony, panther(home games),

Tech Scholar Program
Employees take six months (2007) to develop new ideas
Stated with a phrase … There should be a website that …. There should be a database that….
They realized these needed time to develop idea and content.
Application form, must submit ideas and meant to empower staff to develop leadership skills

Are they questioning the status quo- why can’t we do x….. verses I wasn’t someone else to change something for me. We look for people who will take ownership
Tolerate risk gladly
Out of comfort zone
Persistence and patience
Adapt and change
Leverage resources- beg, borrow, steal…
Must trust the process that all projects might not be implemented

1. Idea generation
2. Incubation
3. Experimentation
4. Implementation/Analysis

It’s not enough to budget money, YOU MUST ALSO BUDGET TIME FOR INNOVATION

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