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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

IL2008 Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan Keynote- What’s happening out there? Search Engines

Editor in chief Search Engine Land

Big Theme:
He felt a bit more positive about a big theme. Sure Google isn’t going to be knocked down off it’s perch – will probably be the major search engine company for at least five years…. played the bigger is better game to get attention. Size isn’t really a measure of “best” . It had the story to be a competitive stat up company but they did horrible. Their searches just weren’t relevant. Thank God it went away….

Powerset’s technology really can read the page- maybe useful in 5 years but overkill for today.

80-90% of websites are getting their traffic from Google in the US-

Might have Google Killerettes… maybe specialty niche engines, twitter,

Twitter- great way to get a buzz going
Urbanspoon- randomly pick a restaurant with reviews
Chowtown- select choice, shake and pick

He love that search tools know exactly where you’re at… Google has no search event at all.

Yelp: Local reviews
Google maps are trying to grow a community
Trulia/Zillow – real estate information available to ordinary people- best prices for homes

Craigslist: buy, sell related to local areas. Google has Google base but not really taking off..
Gas prices: gas buddy

It’s a challenge to remember them all- forget to go back to them so you end up going back to Google. We are a creature of habit.

Yahoo still there waiting to take over- mobile, BOSS, search monkey (enhances listins are more information). Yahoo probably won’t be around … their own investors don’t have the confidence in them.

****People won’t invest their time in something we don’t think is going to be around….

Microsoft is positioning itself as heir apparent… bt they are really just looking to make money off of ads. Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually got some passion for search? (

Does Google even have a master plan? Take over the world??? They experiment with things tat just happen to destroy establishments like newspapers, they just follow the invention… they are planning something chrome, checkout, shopping.

They are getting focused- the economy might sow their growth…. People still need things and will turn to the search engine – maybe not vacation in Hawaii- camping instead….

More ads everywhere. Maps, images, etc…

Googlettes- video has meta search, trends, can host video on youtube and can search across te web… community editng is growing.. blog search even includes top stories,- memoranda ….

Big trend still personalized results based on who you are… personalized searches if you are logged into the service.

Suggestions…. Search patterns between strangers might even interact?

Customized according to location, previous query, web history, - they are telling us and ramping it up! Willprobably be doing it more.

The big conclusion… no big conclusion. (audience laughter)

But mobile and vertical do offer new opportunities..

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