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Friday, September 05, 2008

Life unimaginable without Facebook?

The Washington Post has an interesting article about how Facebook is keeping a tight reign on possible abusers and shutting down accounts that have a hint of spamming. But what I loved about the article was how people described their passion for the social network and stayed with it even after horrible experiences.

"Lisa Shane used Facebook to organize her high school reunion. Repeatedly sending the same messages to more than 200 people raised a red flag for Facebook.

A week before the reunion, she lost access to her account, as well as her contacts; RSVP list; and details about the venue, which she'd also arranged on Facebook.

"More and more people are using social networks to keep up important work contacts and to put together huge events," said Shane, of Baltimore. "If I can't count on that information being there when I need it most, just for using Facebook for its intended purpose, it makes me wary of using it to build contacts."

She added that by spending time on the site, she sees more advertisements. "Isn't that the point in the first place?" she said.

Coe, the woman in Centreville, said she tried to spread her messages over four or five days. She received warnings, she said, but thought she was in the clear after slowing down her activity. Her account was reinstated after she sent multiple e-mails to Facebook.

Now, Coe said, she'll use Facebook sparingly.

"Being banned for 3 1/2 days felt like a lifetime," she said."

Do you have your Facebook account yet?

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