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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Watching Streaming Video

This morning I've been watching streaming video from the Dutch guys. Jaap and Erik are running a "masterclass" in Rotterdam where Stephen Abram (SirsiDynix) and Marshall Breeding (Vanderbilt Univ) are speaking.

Both men mention marketing in the context of their talks!

Stephen emphasized that librarians have "a culture of not doing marketing or sales; then wonder why people don't use us. ... How's anyone going to understand you if you don't tell them what you do??" Amen, Stephen.

Marshall is talking (at this moment!) about libraries' competition (both mentioned Google, blogs, search engines as comp for us). He said, "We live in a very crowded landscape of information providers." This is something I think we often forget -- or maybe overlook b/c doing so makes life easier for us.

So if you don't believe Nancy & I and others who keep pushing you to do real marketing and promotion, then maybe hearing it from these Big Cheeses will help drive the point home.

If you want to check this out later I imagine it'll be archived, along w/ other DOK events, here: Just one more way to keep an eye on what the innovative Shanachies are doing.


Jo said...

Have just discovered your blog - YEAH! Am so excited that there are others talking about, and writing about marketing and self promotion. Have just blogged about this exact thing! Can't wait to keep reading and learning...

~Kathy Dempsey said...

Excellent; welcome to the club, Jo!