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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

25 Most Modern Libraries in the World

Thanks to NJSL Associate State Librarian Kathi Peiffer who heard about this great post listing the 25 Most Modern Libraries in the World from the director of New Brunswick Free Public Library, Robert Belvin.

Of course I jumped right to the technology and Innovation section. What fun! When I was in California I finally had the chance to visit Cerritos and it was everything I had imagined it to be. I nearly cried with joy just being in their incredible children's section. I was glad to see it on this list and loved reading about the other libraries- talk about a great way to start the morning! Check out the Idea Store/Library. Makes me wonder why we all aren't partnering with museum, community groups, night schools and even community colleges here in the States... I love the idea of the personal best program that offers classes to help people develop skills to volunteer for the 2012 games. What a great concept! DOK is on the list too! Is there any surprise there? Not only have our Dutch Guys captured the hearts and imaginations of their country, they have created a very strong following of fans here in the States. I haven't even finished reading about all the libraries but need to head out to work. Read ... I'd love to hear about which are your favorite ideas.


Michael Stephens said...

Great list... my one concern: is this the same sites as those reported here:

Nancy Dowd said...

Just might be- looks like the same MO... thanks for the tip!