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Friday, May 02, 2008

Ideas from the NJ Library Association Conference

I was at the NJ Library Association's 2008 Conference yesterday, taking notes on various ideas I heard.

This first list is made up of some of the recommendations that came from the NJ State Librarian's Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Future. (Pic above: Carol Nersinger shares task force recommendations w/ the crowd.) Interesting ideas that came up during task force discussions:

* Have statewide library cards to make borrowing more simple for customers.
* Use the Netflix model of mailing books to homes.
* Turn your bookmobile into a techmobile so you can do mobile training and take other services on the road.
* Start a charter school in a library's space.
* Hold local summits (on teen issues, green buildings, whatever local gov't and businesses are interested in) in your library to assure your "place at the table."
* Create statewide library brands to build recognition.
* Partner to create a library credit card where all points earned are automatically put into a fund for libraries.

This second list is from a "low-stress marketing" session given by Mary Martin from Long Hill Twp Library:

* Remember that "marketing" is not a dirty word.
* Display "staff picks" books where people line up to check out books to boost circulation.
* Don't underestimate the power of great customer service.
* Don't automatically say "no" to special requests; re-examine policies and see how often you can say "yes" to satisfy patrons. [** to read a thought-provoking discussion on the logic behind banning cell phones, check out Aaron Schmidt's blog.]
* Get lists of home sales from realtors so you can send welcome packets to new residents.
Who else has low-stress or futuristic thoughts to share? I'd love to hear what you're doing!!
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