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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ten really cool things you can personalize

From Trendhunter Magazine comes a really grat list of the top ten things you can personalize. Okay some of these maybe out of your price range but it does really get you to thinking doesn't it?
Here's their list....

Customizable Sneakers - Nike ID Takes Customization to the Next Step
Lifestyle trends are all about customization nowadays. People want to have a unique product. Nike leads the way with their fully customized shoes, letting you mix up to 6 colors on your trainers using up to 20 different colors for each option.

Make Your Own - A Jean Machine (VIDEO)
Tired of mass produced clothing? Looking for jeans that REALLY fit? Then check out the cool way to get customized jeans! The MakeYourOwnJeans website lets you enter all your own measurements - even the size of your thighs, and pick your own denim.

Customized Books - Bob Books
It has been too long to await for somebody who would face Hoffman’s monopoly on printing customized books. Cool! it is already here and looks pretty cool.

Make Your Own Monopoly
At last an official, made-to-order Monopoly board featuring places, spaces and icons of your choice? Yes all yours!

Your Look-a-Like Doll - Hero Builders Custom Action Figures - Move over Nancy Pearl... can take a couple pictures of you and produce a real life action figure.

Heinz Custom Labels - Nothing Says it Better Than Ketchup
In its latest marketing move, Heinz has launched an interactive website where you can customize your own Heinz labels

Customized Love Songs
Isn’t it lovely to have the opportunity of giving to the person you love something very special?

FlipClips - Make Your Own Flip Books Online (VIDEO)
Create your own Flip Book by uploading a video to Prices start as low as $6. “FlipClips are individually crafted flipbooks, created using your own digital video.

Custom Handbags - Design Your Own Handbag Online
At the Oney Bags website you can design your own handbag. Start with one of 15 different styles, select from more than 50 different fabrics, customize your strap, and have fun with it!

Pimp My Laptop - Customization of Laptops
Personalize your laptop with a custom sticker while protecting its surface from getting scratched.

Custom Couture - Design Your Own Dress
Every girl dreams of being a fashion designer. Now she can actually design her own clothes.

Build Your Own Custom Box of Chocolates- this one I've got to try!!
There is endless amusement to be had with the new online way to purchase and gift a box of chocolates introduced by CocoaBella Chocolates. The service allows you to choose from more than sixty of the finest chocolates from around the world

Modular Shoes - Customize Color and Studs
The +F50 TUNIT show from Adidas features three interchangable components - the top / color, the chasis and the studs. The shoe was worn in the World Cup by US National Team players Steve Ralston, Pablo Mastroeni and Pat Noonan.

Personalized Beer Labels
Tuborg, a Danish beer brewering company has come up with a very interesting (and in my opinion very trendy) idea. Personalized beer labels.

My M&M’s For Business – Marketing With Customized Chocolate (VIDEO)
If having a chocolate business card wasn’t enough, now you can customize your own M&Ms. The new marketing scheme allows you to reach clients, employees, customers, or loved ones in a whole new way. Replacing the regular “m” logo is your personalized image. There are 21 colours to choose from,…

Personalized Bobbleheads - Pretend You’re Famous! (GALLERY)
The macro-trend of personalization has scored again, and this time it’s personalized bobbleheads. You know, we’re talking about those little plastic caricatures of athletes and other celebrities with the big wobbly heads. They used to be mass produced and sold by the thousands (and they still are),

Get a Personalized Phone Call From Samuel Jackson for Snakes on Plane
You can send a free personalized phone call of Samual Jackson talking about “Snakes on a Plane”. Select a dozen details about you and your buddy (like your relationship, personal detials about them, their job, etc), and they’ll get the personalized phone call. This is an ULTRA cool form of buzz ma…

Personalized Ice Cream
Rocombe, an unusual British organic ice-cream company, has introduced a line of luxe-high end ice-creams.

Go here for links to all the sites: here


Jill said...

Nancy - my fiance's name is Heinze (yes, with that pesky additional "e" at the close!). I think I'm going to have to get the personalized ketchup as a wedding favor. Not sure how thrilled he'll be about that...but oh well :-)

FeeFiFoto said...

A personalized ketchup bottle! That's awesome! My sister made personalized root beer bottles for her husband's birthday, with his photo on them. I think personalized chocolates would be great too.

Anonymous said...

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