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Monday, October 22, 2007

First chance for second life ads

Well anyone who has heard Jenny Levine or has taken the time to talk with a teen knows that gaming is the place to be but have any libraries looked at the marketing possibilities yet? Stats are rolling in and the numbers are growing... online marketing is starting to make a dent in those marketing budgets. According to
"Parks Associates estimated in June 2007 that $15 million was spent advertising in virtual worlds in the United States in 2006 and projected that it would rise tenfold to $150 million in 2012. The figures did not include marketer-branded virtual worlds. They also did not include other revenue sources, such as micro-transactions or subscription fees."

Parks Associates suggests that "ad spending is likely to increase substantially as more kids and teens spend time in virtual worlds and as more marketers create campaigns for those environments"... So how do we get there?

Second life enthusiasts- we need your input! How do we get those adsCan we get them free? What do they need to say? Thoughts anyone?

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