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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Forget about the third place become a first lab!

Jill Stover over at Thinking Outside the Book has a great post about letting go of the third place and moving toward becoming the first lab...

"To begin with, I'd like to share with you the over-arching message I took away from the event: Forget about being the third place. Be the first lab!

After listening to speakers like Eli Neiburger, Jim Gee, Greg Trefry, and many others, I learned that games, perhaps better than any other pursuit, build community and spark intellectual curiosity."
She has some interesting things to say...
Read full post here/


Jill said...

Thanks, Nancy! I hope to flesh out this idea more in the future...stay tuned. :-)

Nancy Dowd said...

It sounds very exciting, can't wait to hear more!