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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is your mayor on your posters?

I was just looking at a program poster for Newark Public Library and noticed that at the bottom of their posters they list logo, web, mayor, board trustee president and director. Talk about building connections with your local government, what better way than to share the credit and make the mayor part of library's activities! Wouldn't it be nice if the people in your town who loved your programs were thanking their mayor and council for them? I remember hearing South Orange's library director, Carolyn Ryan Reed, talking about libraries making sure they aren't always showing up with their hand out.

This is what that is all about in many ways. There are library systems that candidates talk about when they seek reelection- every library should be that library because you are funded by that town, county and/or state and when someone is looking to have voters approve what they have done, the library can be a one of the reasons that public is happy.

Here at the State Library we are working to make sure libraries are connected in legislator's hearts and minds by having our libraries include the State Library on materials for programs that we fund. Sometimes it gets frustrating for people because there's so little room and so many organizations to include but in the long run the more we establish that connection the easier it is for those funders to keep the funding flowing. I love the way Newark has just incorporated the this in the bottom of every poster. I wonder how other libraries are listing partners and funders....

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leslie said...

Dear Nancy, Thanks so much for this acknowledgement! We include "The Big 3" (Library Director, Mayor, Board of Trustees President) on virtually all public pieces.--Leslie Kahn

rodneylibraries said...

At my library we've started adding "Rodney Libraries - a service of Rodney District Council" onto posters. This is mainly because any new poster with the council logo on it has to be run past the comms department and we don't always have time to do that BUT I think it actually makes the relationship between Council (our funders) and ourselves much clearer to people using the library. We also run "The Mayor's Reading Challenge" which has a poster with the Mayor's picture on it.

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