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Thursday, April 05, 2007

An outstanding map of the future you don't want to miss

I have to go to work but this morning I have found so many exciting things to share and this one is absolutely incredible that I am going to share it with you even before I fully explore it! You know that the State Library is partnering with PALINET and the state libraries of Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virgina, Maryland on a Futures conference this May. It was such a hit that we doubled the registration and still maxed out. Well take a look at this website.
They layout for the website alone will make you run to your webmaster but the content . well the content will probably make you late for work if you start reading it in the morning! :-)

"Two Organizations, One Goal.
KnowledgeWorks Foundation has teamed up with the Institute For The Future to present the 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education.

It could be video games. Bioengineering. Or health care. All of these forces and more are explored on the KnowledgeWorks Foundation and Institute for the Future 2006-2016 Map of Future Forces Affecting Education.

Look around the map. Explore it. While we'd never suggest that this map contains all of the answers and perfectly predicts the future, it does offer a clear point of view based on countless hours of research, analysis and expert opinion. Think of the map as a provocative tool, as the beginning of a movement, or, at the very least, part of a good conversation. Join in. And help us shape the future."

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