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Monday, April 16, 2007

Cool web tools for webmasters

Seems like this and the last presentation were the hot topics because this room is really overflowing! As was the last one. Cool tools from the last session included Django

Darlene suggested we contribute some neat ideas for next year's program. – feed aggregator- cool thing can aggregate but can also apply logic- filtering- completely drag and drop. Gives you a URL with your new master feed and good to go.

“Amazingly slick” My maps- customizable maps- upload photos, links, etc.. can map road trips, etc… Can add html to box, links, text,

My thought- scavenger hunts? Library card holders, did you view the video, tell us who commented- businesses networking-

Also directions, connecting branches, partners, etc… you do not
Come to pattern library- have a question as to implement things for your web page – a design knowledge base where they share their knowledge
When solution is useful and how to implement it…

Interested in implementing commenting on your library? Here’s the place to go!
Make CSS available for page layouts

What is my IP?

Put it in your browser you’ll

Take image upload will blow it up 20-30 sheets of paper

Firefox addons.mozilla????

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