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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time to Mingle- here's some tips

Buffet bye-bye, the human sacrifice... do these sound like socialization techniques? Yes! According to author Jeanne Martine. She is wonderfully refreshing in her CNN interview as she discusses her new book, The Art of Mingling. I know many librarians have said they have a difficult time mingling but according to Jeanne 90% of people are minglephobics! The interview is on CNN this morning. Try this link. Click on the button to "Launch CNN Video Player" to get to video.

She talks about various techniques to break the ice such as just finding someone who looks open and tell them you don’t know a person in the room. Often that person will end up introducing you to others. She advises to learn escape techniques - yes this includes the buffet bye-bye technique.

Here's an NPR radio interview by Jeanne here

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