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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ideas about branding your library

I was reading Peter Bromberg's posting about Tom Asker on the Library Garden blog and followed the link to find an outstanding slideshow for anyone looking to market their library. The content is great, but look at the presentation as well. See how he uses different fonts to draw your attention? A few graphics yes, but the man plays with words so that you read them in the way that he wants you do. This is something you can use in your own PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes it really helps to play.

Here's some of my favorites things Toms says:

"The brain doesn't compute the answers to problems, it retrieves it from memory."
Are they retrieving you?
They will if you empathize, create, dramatize and demonstrate an expectation!
Interested in learning the answer? Read for yourself!!

My favorite quote so far...
Face it! People aren't ignoring you because they don't know you.
They are ingonoring you because they think they DO know you!

It doesn't matter what people think about you or your business.
What matters is how you make them feel about themselves
and their decisions while in your presence.

What expected feeling attracts people to our brand?

And if I may mention that we need to remember that branding ourselves is about knowing our customers. Coming up ... I just bought a Mac and as soon as I am connected to the web I will begin to doing some fun things here and sharing so you can try too.

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