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Monday, August 28, 2006

Radio ads blinked

On August 28, The NY Times (subscription required- free) wrote about a new ad campaign for the Simpsons that will consist of 2 second "Blink Ads" According to the article, the ad will run 28,600 times before the premier of the new season:

"You’ll be hearing a song, you hear Homer go, ‘Woo-hoo,’ and then you’ll go into another song,” said Kaye Bentley, a senior vice president at Fox. “It’s a form of guerrilla marketing, like a pop-up.” One of Ms. Bentley’s favorite things about the spots is that, like pop-ups, they are nearly impossible to avoid. “You can’t go past it,” she said. “By the time they can get their finger to the dial to change it, it’s over, and you’re back into a song.”

Fox also purchased blink ads for the premieres of “Prison Break” and “House.”

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