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Thursday, August 03, 2006

89 Tips to writing great press releases

Library Marketing; Writing Press Releases

I just came across a great resource for writing press releases. Candi at
Lib Talk pointed her readers to Joan Stewart's (The Publicity Hound) blog and website for a free email course on writing press releases. All you have to do is sign up and for the next 89 days she'll email you:

" One lesson on how to write or distribute a press
release that anyone who is interested in your topic, including the media, will read. This is the real meat of the tutorial and the part most people struggle with--even professional PR people.. "
The whole website is great, I loved the section on, Nonprofit Publicity Tips Online and Offline. Take a few minutes to head over! For those of you in New Jersey who are just starting off writing press releases I am scheduling three more classes through the RLC's. If you are interested email me and I'll try to hook you up with a class in your region.

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