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Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Orleans!

Here I am in New Orleans. Beautiful city and some great food. Had a delicious shrimp Creole my first night and yesterday splurged on a buffet lunch at the Royal Sonata that was worth every bit of the million calories I ingested!

Everyone is so pleased that ALA is here, one hotel has even decided to include free dinners for their guests. Shop owners have small signs welcoming us and the Southern charm is incredible!

The preconference for strategic communications was very informative. The message was clear that marketing is going to be a major element for every library no matter how small or large. Much of my previous post was reemphasized.

Great campaigns from King County Library System and American University. More later.

Planning is key and we must take the time to find out the needs of our audience. This is the very premise of marketing but with everyone so busy it is so easy to jump right into the lets plan and get the "stuff" printed and want to call it marketing. Needs assessment. If you don't have it embedded in your mind, it will be there eventually.
I've posted some pictures on Flickr. Follow the badge to the left.

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