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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Big Boys Go To MySpace and Beyond

When I was at the NJLA Conference it was great fun Podcasting. The question that keeps coming up for libraries isn’t always what’s new but how can we incorporate what’s new into marketing for our business. The NY Times article this morning talks about G.E.’s new foray into using media beyond the conventional mediums of commercials and print ads.

“G.E. One Second Theater," as the campaign is being called, presents a humorous peek behind the scenes at recent General Electric commercials produced by BBDO. The campaign is intended specifically for new media like digital video recorders, which can be used to watch expanded versions of the spots, and the MySpace social networking service (, where visitors can read a mock profile of Elli, the elephant star of one of the commercials. The spots will also be accessible on MP3 players, through podcasts presented as if they were recorded by Elli and other characters from the spots, and on a microsite (, which offers an online version of the campaign.”

I remember in the early days of the web when an entire underground network of idealists were building websites thinking we were creating a new world that would never be invaded by commercialism. How wrong we were. Of course we all know it was only a matter of time before the advertising gurus would try to figure out how to utilize the best word of mouth advertising platform since backyard fences – Myspace. Will it work? Well they have the multimillions to experiment!

As libraries you could get on board very quickly and start the blogs that will connect to their links from “Horton the Who” and sign up as a “friend”. My thought is that the first on board as friends will get the most visits and certainly gain some attention for your library. Also since the new phrase is “Got a second” why not start incorporating it in some posters in your libraries? If it works you are in the forefront of a new media explosion! Let me know how it works!
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Anne said...

When I clicked on the New York Times article link, it lead to a sign in link. If you register your blog as a user and post the user ID and password at the top of your blog, visitors can use that as a log on to the times articles, I think. I have the same problem with my blog links and haven't fixed it yet though.

Robert J. Lackie said...

Thanks for the post and the new blog, Nancy--it looks very interesting. I read about GE’s use of MySpace recently (and other very well-known social networking sites) and agree that it is an example of the "best word of mouth advertising platform[s])" out there right now. I like how companies are using different media to communicate with us, beyond the print and regular media outlets, and think that we, as librarians, can jump onto that bandwagon, too, as you suggest, to get the word out about us.

By the way, you may not know about the new "Library Garden" ( blog that was started by several librarians in NJ recently, and if not, you might want to visit it to see some of the blogs there that might be of interest to you and your readers. I am going to mention your blog to our readers today. Thanks and good luck blogging!

Nancy Dowd said...

Thanks Anne and Robert. I'll have to play with the NY Times ID Anne.
Robert- What a great blog your group has put together. I love the idea that so many of you are contributing - makes it very interesting. I'll take a look at links later tonight and connect up. -Nancy